Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea I'd like drawn. How much will it cost?
The cost to create the art for your assignment depends on how detailed the image is and the type of style you prefer. Our quotes reflect the time involved, similar to how a plumber or mechanic may estimate the cost of a job. For example, if the style you choose is highly detailed, full color with custom logos and lettering, the cost will be more than the price of a simple black and white line cartoon. 
Does it get cheaper the more drawings I order?
Since each image is a work of art, the same amount of time has to be devoted to each drawing individually regardless if we are drawing one or one hundred illustrations, so no bulk discount is given for one of a kind images.

Will I get to see sketches of the illustration first? How do I get started?
First, tell us what you want drawn. We will reply via email with a quote. Then, after agreeing on the price, we will send a Paypal invoice for the total amount. You can pay with credit card by depositing online directly into our account or send a check or money order in the mail. Before any sketches are completed, the total balance is required for us to begin. Once we receive your total payment, we will start sketching your idea and allow you to make any revisions before inking it in black and white. We allow the art to be revised two times. More revision attempts than what we can change in two tries becomes a new work of art, and a new art charge is required. We accept all revisions and conversation through email for documentation. Once completed, the final high-resolution image will be emailed to you.
Can I have the original drawing?
Most of our final artwork is finished in Photoshop or by other digital means, so typically only a pencil sketch or ink drawing exists of your final art. You may purchase the physical original drawing for an additional cost. The cost to own the original art is usually the same cost to create it, though it can be negotiable with the artist.
The most important understanding requiring explanation is that freelance contributors are hired for the service of creating the work, but not the actual physical work no different than when a wedding photographer is hired to attend and shoot a wedding, but not give clients the actual negatives unless arrangements are stated otherwise. As this often leads to confusion with newlyweds, it also does in our field. However, our company is very accommodating with all our client wishes and though the actual price involves only the creation of the work, actual physical art pages can be obtained for a negotiated rate. Typically to own original art, it is valued at the price it was prepared. Simply put, if we're hired to draw a picture for $100, for example, the client receives the finished art for any use they want and if they want the actual original art, we sell and ship that to them for another $100 plus shipping costs. Since computers have become common in the workplace, 99% of our clients have no use for the original art and only request the art in digital formats on disc or sent to them via email.
Who owns the rights to the art I pay to have drawn?
If the assignment is based on your idea and your characters, you keep all rights to the art and the characters within your assignment. We rarely have any use for custom artwork since it usually is very specific to your needs and not ours. Unless instructed otherwise, we may only want to add your completed assignment to our online gallery. You can do anything with the art you hired us to draw with no royalties or "second use fees" owed to us that some artists charge. 
Cartoon Studios is unique in this field since we grant clients all rights to their images with no second use fees owed to us. This means if you make and sell T-shirts using the art you hired us to create, there is no fee owed to us. If you make posters, movies, or even bumper stickers there is no additional fee owed to us. We consider ourselves like a mechanic or plumber. We are paid to do the job, nothing more or less.
The only exception would be scenes or characters we were hired to invent, which we would own and others could publish by paying one-time publishing rights, unless otherwise negotiated.
How soon can I expect to get my finished illustration?
It takes about two weeks to complete your art, including revisions and exchanging emails.

I have a TOP SECRET invention/book idea/character, ect. that I'm nervous about sharing. How do I proceed?
Some creators prefer to send us Non-Disclosure Agreements to sign, but our largest clients don't even bother with any forms since they already know our business is based on the secrets we keep. Obviously if we want to keep Cartoon Studios in business, our cornerstone and foundation is based entirely on secrecy and intellectual properties and ownership thereof. We have been drawing for clients for over 25 years, so we know how to behave.

Could I meet with you or call you and discuss my idea on the phone?
We accept all conversation only through email and this is for a number of reasons. One reason is it helps you as the creator focus your idea into several words that allow us to more easily approach depicting your needs. Also, we prefer to reflect back on your notes while creating the artwork. This helps us make sure we get all the important details rather than miss something from conversation. And lastly, it is not uncommon for creators to change paths midstream and get away from the original concept through lengthy revisions. A written description of the assignment helps keep both you and our artist on target. If you have reference material, please attach it to any description you also send, regarding wardrobe, hair style, art style, and other things which are specific to the characters or scene you envision.

Do you hire artists looking for work?
We work with several freelance artists for a variety of special projects. While we do not regularly employ any staff artists, we are always willing to view an online gallery by others for possible freelance work in the future if it fits with the style of what you see on our website.

Do you do animation? Or can you make a "White Board" video like I see on TV and YouTube?
Cartoon Studios does not create animation or white board videos. We specialize in creating still cartoons, comics and drawings like the ones seen on our website and leave moving images to animation studios.

Do you handle the printing of my illustration?
We do not offer printing services, though we can give you the names of reputable printers, sign makers and certain manufacturers we have used in the past if you need help getting your project to the next step.

I have a comic book idea and am looking for partnership in it's creation. Would you like to make this comic book and split the profits when it's printed?    
We are often asked to work for speculation, trial basis or profit sharing but after 25 years working with paying clients, we have to stay focused on paying jobs so we can stay in the business another 25 years. We appreciate you wanting us to be a creative partner, but we only work for hire. 

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